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Staying competitive in business means staying connected. Give your employees total access to breaking news and expert analysis at rates that will keep the accountants happy. To learn more, email corporate@post-gazette.com or call 412-263-1740.



Corporate Subscriptions allow companies and other non-educational organizations to provide post-gazette.com digital access to a set number of authorized users within an organization – all under one bill and at a group discount. To learn more about corporate subscriptions, e-mail corporate@post-gazette.com or call (412) 263-1740. Please note: Post-Gazette apps are not supported on all devices.

A digital subscription provides a company’s authorized users with unlimited access to the Post-Gazette's online products, including our web site, tablet and smartphone news apps, mobile site and two e-editions: PGe and The Pittsburgh Press.

To purchase a Corporate Subscription for a company or other non-educational organization, e-mail corporate@post-gazette.com or call (412) 263-1740. Click here if you’d like to submit a purchase order form. The Post-Gazette accepts payment by credit/debit card or check. To learn more about group subscriptions for a school or college, e-mail edu@post-gazette.com.

Yes. We offer volume discounts based on the number of authorized users and the digital subscription package. For more information, contact corporate@post-gazette.com.

You have the option for your Corporate Subscriptions to be billed every 4 weeks on EZPay, 13 weeks, 26 weeks or 52 weeks. We will accept check and credit card as a form of payment.

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  • Financial, business and world news updated 24/7
  • Access to political, technological, national and local news coverage
  • Unlimited access to Post-Gazette digital products: web, mobile and tablet apps, mobile site and two e-editions: PGe and The Pittsburgh Press


  • Up to 90% off the retail rate
  • One annual invoice for all subscriptions
  • A dedicated contact for customer service for account management, billing and delivery questions